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Went to the military treatment facility on Fri. got thee nicest guy, he listened to me, couldn't help me, but he did listen. I got more Sudafed and he almost gave me a script for Wellbutrin (for my dizzy-anxiety feeling), but said, no, wait till your husband comes home (he's been gone 5.1 months) and you may feel better. :nono: My husband being gone is not making me anxious, but can't make these male doctors I see believe that. Anyway, I asked to go to the ENT again, and was told since I was just there I probably wouldn't be given another appt, but he would word the consult so my chances would be higher. I've got the ear thing going on so badly, won't unplug, head is stuffy, dizziness leading to anxiety, off balance. What do I tell the dr. I see at the ENT so they will do something this time? The guy I saw on Fri. said my ears had no fluid, but they didn't look nice and pearly and however they are suppose to look inside, but no infection. The sudafed isn't making anything move, but I do feel less of that freaky pressure in my head. I'm taking Xanax with it when I feel the need. Also, TMJD complications.