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Hey Dallas Alice....i too agree, such elegance in your posts, you can express yourself so well, i am hanging on every sentence. I haven't been posting much myself but was happy to see a reply from you ;)
I am about 10 or 11 days straight now, from the hydros, percs, pretty much complete cold turkey, a xanax here and there and IMMODIUM :eek: for the first five days, and plain ol tylenol for my achey wrists. I feel so much better, really I do!!! It is like i am re-born, going to my son's all-star baseball games and cheering away, organizing are whole bottom level of our home, and guess what----i didn't need a single pill like my addiction wanted me to believe. I go to two meetings a week on Sunday and Monday night and am in touch with many old friends that have been in the "rooms" for years. I am finally at peace. I was so dam sick and tired of the craziness of not having enough and physically and mentally was more sick at the end of my use than thru w/d. We have actually been invited by a neighbor down the road to go to a church in town this Sunday. I didn't even realize that a minister lived 5 houses down from me. My husband and I are hoping that we will be able to meet some nice couples threw the church and get to know the people in town better. We live in a small "cow-town", so i am anxious to get to know some other moms around me. Well enough rambling on about me. Take the jump, girl!!!! If i can do it, anyone can. The sickness, you will live thru, and i did it with a surprise b-day to throw on day 3 :eek: So really keeping busy is the key, almost not allowing yourself a chance to sit and be sick. Well I hope you had a good Tuesday, I will check back tonight.