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Trust me I have went cold turkey of of oxy,vic and ultram,...xanax.... klonopin.... I know what it is like. I went through hell and worse yet I put my wife and 2 kids through hell. What do you tell a 10yr old and a 4 yr old when their dad doesn't leave the bedroom for 6 days loses 12 pounds and turns into a different person. You guys can go cold turkey if you want I am done with it. My reason for tapering is hopefully my kids won't have any idea this time. They still don't know the real reason I was sick the other times. If I can do this without them knowing and it takes a little longer so be it. I appreciate everybodys input on this I really do, but I have never tried tapering before I always just quit. So if this tapering doesnt work for me (I am pretty sure it will i am pretty determined) it will be off to rehab or at least somewhere where my kids won't see me in that kind of shape again. I would love to here some more success stories and how you did it. Thanks everybody