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Lisa, thank you and that helped. :)
Today is a little better. All the physical w/d's seem to be gone. But I'm sure they wouldn't last long anyway since I've only been on them 5 days straight. I mean, some of you on here have been on them every day for a year or more. Wanna hear something stupid, I took a Xanax this morning 'cause my surgical pain was flaring up and it hurt so bad, but I was scared to take an Ultram. Turns out, the Xanax has made me more depressed and my pain is so much worse. I have no choice but to take and Ultram, but now I'm scared that the Xanax will interact with it negatively.

My girflriend's mom was on Xanax and Ultram at the same time, and had no problems. But that's her. BUT I don't have any breathing disorders, so maybe it'll be ok? What do you all think? Should I try taking an Ultram or two for the pain? The Xanax has already quit it's effect. But I'm still just a tiny bit tired from it.

Guess what. Yesterday I had NO Ultram. :wave: