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I've had this prolem for 8 yrs. No allergies. 10 ENT's have been asked. Dumb & dumber
answers. I believe we suffer from (IDN) `I Dun-No'! I've heard ear-sweat & that was
last winter. I've researched this & I do know it's not inner ear problem but most
likely a middle ear problem. Badger docs & let me know. I wake now 2xnight w/ pops
of clear fluid. I'm on pills to sedate the spasm to sleep. My theory is that it's canal-
inflammation from a un-dx'd spasm causing inflammation. I get some relief using few
drops of alcohol to stay in 1min. then tip head to drain. Never use Qtip or it can
damage fibers that pull debries `away' from drum. If I pull throat inside, sometimes I
can click the fluid to release prssr that happens w/ weather changes. Dr. still says
`Ears don't work that way!' It's getting worse & now I take Xanax to sedate the problem. Please let me know if someone gets answers. No, it's not E-tube dysfunction.