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I am an alcoholic trying to stop drinking (see post about detox w/xanax).

I am also a chronic pain sufferer but have never abused the pain meds. I take 3 20 mg oxycontin per day and 1.5 5/500 vicodin for breakthru pain. There is NO WAY I would be able to make it thru the day without the pain meds as my pain is debilatating (sp?).

When you take pain meds (opiates) long term your body becomes physically dependant on them. There is a BIG difference b/w being phy. dependant and addicted (out of control....taking more than prescribed).

As another poster said, check out the pain management board. LOTS of information there. The is one poster (Shoreline) who is a wealth of information.

Good luck to you!
I guess it does not matter whether you are "addicted" or "dependent," if you sense a sure need to stop or suddenly build tolerance, as you may well be in for a serious withdrawal syndrome. I took my meds as prescribed (Xanax) though I cheated once in a blue moon on a bad day. I built tolerance, needed more to feel normal, and my doc increased the dose. Then that dose quit working, and I foresaw what would be coming, a steady climb, to doses no doc would prescribe. So I made a U Turn. I say this to make the point that following doctors orders is no immunity. Though you will likely be accused of "abuse" regardless. Human nature, the doc will not take responsibility. Self-preservation, will not do anything to open themselves to a lawsuit. Moral of the story, do not use addictive drugs long term. There is a paradox. Things may will be going along fine for a matter of weeks, months, sometimes years. One may be thinking, what is all this hoopla about addiction? I am just doing what my doctor says and I feel fine. These drugs are a lifesaver! Then the drugs stop working. You need higher doses. Doc may give you an increase, but it is too late. You are "hooked," call it what you will... Trapped, either keep increasing, or find a way to come off. Both roads have a price. I recommend the later as it means staying alive...

I agree with most of what you say but as a chronic pain sufferer if I do not take my pain meds I am a useless ball of a human in a fetal position on my bed writhing in pain.

If I'm not mistaken, xanax is not prescribed for pain. While I do take it occaisionally for anxiety, it does nothing for my pain.

Pain meds are out there for legitimate uses and must not be discounted for long term use to give someone thier life back and to allow them to become a productive member of society. If I did not have the meds, I can assure you I would not be productive at all.

Physical dependence is very different from addiction or psychological dependence. If I stopped taking my meds I would a) be in severe pain, and b) experience physical withdrawal symptoms. If an addict stopped taking meds that they were not taking for legitimate pain they would a) experience physical w/d's and b)either face what was causing the additiction or replace the substance abuse with something else, or resume taking the meds.

I have had numerous sugeries to "fix" my pain. While they have all helped in one way or another I am left with gastric nerve pain that is so intense w/out meds that I cannot function.

For me the pain meds have been a life saver. I have been on the same dose for over a year and still going along just fine. In fact if I feel good enough I don't even take the full dose.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a look into what chronic pain is like and how the pain meds have saved my life. Take a look at the pain management board and read some stories there to see what these people endure on a daily basis.

If a person feels like there is a psychological addiction and they are taking more meds to feel "high" then I agree, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. I do not take my pain meds to feel "high", just to get by.

Thanks for letting me share.