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I totally agree with BCburn here, because I have read in one of my books, that Marijuana is a Schedule 1 Classification. I am sure everyone here knows the Classes of Controlled Substances~ Schedules 1~ 5., with 5 being the least potential for abuse and addiction, but the risk is still there, so they have it as a Controlled Substance. Schedule 1 is the highest risk for addiction & abuse, and even in Pharmacies, they keep all Schedule 1 drugs under lock & key. Locked cabinets. I read before that Marijuana would be considered in the Schedule 1. Now, of course, it is not at the Pharmacy~ but the point is this, you know how there are some who want pot legalized for medical purposes right? well the same with years ago, Cocaine was used in the medical field, I believe as a form of anesthetic.....but because of the STRONG POTENTIAL for addiction with these substances, they are illegal. Point being~ marijuana is a drug....a mind/mood altering substance, highly addicting, maybe not so bad with w/d physically, but definately psychologically for sure. My dad was smoking pot for years....and he said he was really messed up, physically & physchologically. Oh another impotant thing, and this is very interesting....I also read that smoking pot for very long time, can actually lead to, and bring on "panic attacks".....that is what happened to my Dad. He started having bad panic attacks, he got real scared, stopped smoking pot, and now takes Xanax. So, see, a drug is a drug is a drug, just like he said. Dont be fooled.