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When I got addicted to painkillers,there was NO pain.I had access to a script because of a surgery that could milk any doctor into giving me one.

I first took them only now and then....after a fall,or if I was a little sore(NOT what they were invented for)

then....if I had a bad day,If I got assigned an unsavory task at work.....than just after coffee break in the afternoon...

than just after lunch AND after coffee break....

than just at breakfast,coffee break,lunch,driving home....

than,just at breakast(3 lortabs and 4 cups of coffee)....lunch(3 Lortabs,a xanax or 2 ({shakes} and 5 cups of coffee)....and 3-5 more ...unless I had some tussionex or Morphine percocet or something.

I called a friend when I was where you seem to be.He told me to get help immediately.I thought him a bit hurriedly condemning me to being an addict.It was the week before Xmas,2000.

I'd prove him wrong!!! I'd quit the day after Xmas. I didn't do any Hydro on 12/26/00......the last day until 7/2/04 .

We are all different...I'm by no means condemning you to my fate.I just feel like I've been asleep for 3 and a half years. Keep talking/posting...that's what I did NOT do.I went underground.

Keep the faith