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Glad you guys are doing well.. I am now a 3 weeks and 1 day post op. It seems we all had surgeries within a week of each other which is neat. Mine was a hemilaminectomy with partial discectomy at L4-5. I am getting the same things as you guys are.. Someone said they have pain on the opposite side of where the original problem was after surgery, I am dealing with that a bit too. I had it after my first surgery too, but it went away then.. It's still nagging me a little bit off and on but am hoping it will go away just like the prior time did.

I get pressure in my hamstring area/behind me knee every now and then. It doesn't last, and it usually happens when I sit down. I hope this goes away also.

About the Perocet... My experience with it is that it makes me NOT sleep. When I take a pill or 2, I'm awake until 3 in the morning if I take them late. It's a wonder drug besides that aspect I guess.

I can't wait to go see the surgeon for my follow up appt on Monday.. I am excited to go but somewhat scared of the tests he will do. I just hope I pass them with little or no pain. If I get that sharp traveling pain down my left leg again, that I don't know what to do. I haven't bent over in months it seems like now.

I guess i'm excited to also go because I want to start physical therapy/water therapy. I am going to request it! Being locked inside all day has me going crazy, and with a newborn baby, the stress of not being able to work and provide for my family is causing major anxiety. The doctor prescribed me xanax.. about a month's dose.. Has anyone had experience with this? It seems to make me fuzzy more then anything.. Calms me down, and i'm not getting the nervous attacks that send me running to the bathroom anymore.. That was going on for a couple days earlier this week.

Take Care
Hello everyone,

Wanted to put in my two cents for the day. There's so much to respond to. My Darvocet is working sooooo well. The world is just beautiful.

Di, my dear Di, I totally understand how you feel. You want to return to work right now in top form but because of well stated reasons, you decided to postpone it for another two months. That was the best decision to make. We all heal at different rates and comparing your body to someone else's will only make you more anxious, which is not good for you. You're a beautiful unique woman, remember that. I am sending you a cyber hug. Although I know I'm the last person to suggest being patient, I'm hyper you know, please be patient. Expressing yourself is a very good thing and we're here for you. Now for the Rosaism, at least I can keep you for another two months. How's that for selfish?

Tomdg, I'm sorry for messing your name up yesterday. I was having a Lithium moment. I live in CA and can't help with any surgeons, nor do I ski. I have neural foraminal narrowing contacting the left L4 nerve root, which is different from what you have. I'm not much help today but I do welcome you and wish you well. Please stick around.

Michael thanx for all your input. I'm the only one who doesn't watch American Idol, my kids do. They love it.

Carol, congrats on your pt. It sounds like you're looking forward to going back to work. Are you going to check in now and again so we'll know how you're doing? It would be nice!

Lisawrites, your turn. Welcome aboard! You're right, Mychelle will be taking care of vaselining my skin. She also said she would take care of my incision because everyone here knows that Big Courtney will faint. I would also like to welcome all other silent readers out there to join us (smile).

Kristen, did your sister get there with the kids yet? I know you were going nuts yesterday but did you calm down some? I understand.

Saw my shrinky-dink today and she thinks I need Xanax because I'm getting a bit anxious. She wanted to know what my plans were to pass the time. The funny thing is that I have telephone appointments set up with her for the rest of April and half of May. She doesn't want me to wait until I'm ready to jump out of the bedroom window because I'm bored silly, so it's all taken care of.

I'm going tomorrow to get my hair done. I wear my hair shorter than Halle Berry's and I'm, having a pro do my eyebrows. I want my hair nice and my eyebrows even when I go in Wednesday. Pre-op is also tomorrow.
Going shopping in a little while, will check in later.

Bye for now,
Hello, everyone.

Well, today I'm fine, so I went back and nuked a lot of my last post. I should probably do that more often. I hate the thought that one night's negativity would be documented in cyberspace for eternity.

It's strange with this newly operated-on back how one day it can cause leg pain and hurt like hell, and the next is relatively OK. It's like learning how to walk again. You have to learn what you can or cannot do safely.

For everyone else, the eliptical stepper is OK, but apparently for me, I hold myself in such a way that it puts a strain on my back. That's why I was in such bad shape yesterday. I took a Naprosyn, had a long sleep last nite, laid off the stepper today - just land walked 3 miles, and water walked today, and I'm fine.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and kind words. It was kind of a bad day. Carol, Kristen, Rosa you're wonderful! Michael, once again I loved your posts.

Tom - welcome. I'm glad you're here, and hope you can find some answers. Can you explain this foraminal herniation to us? Does that mean the disc herniates inwardly instead of outwardly? I can see why you need a competent specialist.

Lisa - I hope you continue to post here. Sounds like your story is so similar to ours. It would be great to have another slant on the microdiscectomy recovery process.

Rosa - it's fantastic that you are managing to keep your great sense of humor right up to your surgery day. In fact, I think you get wittier with every post.
I hope you're taking good care of yourself. The Xanax is a great idea. I had that for my MRI.

Kristen, your post made me feel so much better. There are so many people who make perfect recoveries here, that it's reassuring to know that someone else is still having some pain sometimes. I'm at 7 weeks just like you.

OK, how about a little inspiration? How about that 19 year old POW, Jessica Lynch? I just heard they had to operate on one of her discs. 2 broken legs, 4 gunshot wounds, and evidently a tiny woman physically - they say the only reason the Iraquis were finally able to capture her was not because of her injuries, but because she ran out of ammunition! Boy, and here I am whining because my back hurts after being at the gymn. That Jessica is terrific! Now she wants to be a kindergarten teacher. Good for her, I say.

Take care, all. - Dianne

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to respond to HNP since she/he's having surgery tomorrow. I was told no anti-inflams for 10 days. The first day of not having my Motrin was no joke. The Voltaren made me sick, now am taking Darvocet. It doesn't kill the pain like the Motrin but it's taking the edge off, I'm sleeping, and the world is beautiful. I guess that's good enough. HNP, you have to stick around now and let everyone know how you are.

Hawks066, hello. I've been reading you. How's it going?

Di, I'm going to ask for Xanax tomorrow. What can it hurt? You're absolutely right about Jessica. That's one tough little lady!

That's it for me today. I'm going to actually go to bed at a decent time. Good-night.

Hi Everybody,

I'll have to say everything in two sessions. I have a lot to say and I'm kind of sorta in pain. This Darvocet is as effective as Tic Tacs.

Yesterday, I did get my hair/eyebrows done and the moment I went outside it got cold. It's been warm (70s-80s) and the temp just dropped, but I didn't cover my head, I refused. Went to the doc and I just wanted to kill her. Courtney was unable to come with me, he knows I can't stand her, and she's nice when he's around. What could I do? She came into the room in her pompous way and asked what could she do for me. I told I her what I needed and she didn't know I needed surgery. I did tell her I gave her and the other doctor a copy of everything and she told me I didn't. Well, I promised my family I would be nice because I was ready to get off the table and take it to the mat, but I was cool. She's the Internal Medicine doctor who refused to give me a referral to the ortho doc. I had to get referral from the PCP. She started asking me all the wrong questions like, "How long have I had hypertension?" and I told her I don't. How long have you had an irregular heartbeat? My answer, "Since you told me." I don't think she was appreciating my answers because out of nowhere she said, "You know you're obese?" Fighting words! If she wanted to p*** me off, it worked. Di, I think I need the Xanax. How insensitive. You're going to gain a few pounds when you're inactive and she knows it. It's not like I've been eating triple chili cheese burgers, fries and a diet Coke twice a day for the last four months. Time to get away from her.

Was able to get the EKG and chest X-rays. Had to wait so long, I actually had pain in my back. The Darvocet didn't do anything. Have to go back Monday morning for the blood test.

Mychelle and I went shopping today. I have the grabber thingie. I also bought jammies, my mother made me. I didn't see anything wrong with my t-shirts, shorts, and socks. Mychelle found some of the cutest jammies, each time she pulled one out we would decide if it would fit, since I'm obese. I need a stiff drink. I'm going to the store, buying some Diet Coke and unwind. Will be back. Will ask about everyone else's day, don't mean to be selfish.