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I've just detoxed from Hydro,Morphine and XANAX (4-5 mgs a day)

I know from reading that Klonopin and xanax are first cousins (short half life benzos,low milligram strengths)

I never thought the xanax was a big deal,as I just quit taking valium one day when I ran out....so I forgot to mention it to the subutex clinic I entered for Hydro addiction.

What Windysan wrote is consistent with my own experience.

When I checked in to the susbutex clinic I told them of the xanax abuse..(a Minor detail (lol)

As I've said before,I was sicker than people kicking $300 w/of heroin a day.

Benzo detox is serious ,and I would highly recommend NOT going cold turkey,or thinking about expiditing a doctors decisions like this DUMMY did.

My regular Md. had me tapering off with Librium......which ,have no fear...I couldn't possibly see anybody developing an addiction to...it stinks...makes you drowsy,and is Nooo fun at all.....but useful.

It kept me inside my skin,and certainly took the GNARLY edge off.

I've decided to actually follow instructions for once,and miraculously...I've had a relatively painless come down from 4-5 mgs. xanax per/day in about a month.

Just thought I'd chime in for some support.

Oh,yeah...what is GAD ..is that general anxiety disorder? I have OCD....really bad...but since I've been cleaning up the symptoms have abated a lot!!

My fear of an OCD attack or a panic attack was my biggest reservation about quitting....but like most fears was unfounded in the reality.

Hang in there

Hey Baseball65, thanks for the info. How long have you been on that amount of Xanax? I have tried to come off a little faster and the anxiety hits me scare in the face (HARD)!!! I have Generalize Anxiety Disorder. So I am looking at at tapering .25 mg. max in a months time (.125 every other week). Wish I could go faster but I have a very sensitive nervous system. So I guess I will just take it one taper at a time and even though it will take a long time, the end results will be worth it.
I'm not really sure.I sort of had an unlimited supply,and would mix drugs constantly.I know that I went through tons of them,off set by other benzos,morphine,steroids,a teeny bit of alcohol..yada,yada....

The only way I found out how much I was taking was by counting backwards...that is when I got out of re-hab I had about 10 left from a jar of 60 I had picked up like two weeks before I went in...I figured I always re-upped before I was out so I dusted about 50-60 in the two weeks.

I also took valium, and tamezapam(restoril) 45-60mgs a night to sleep.Been off and on the two for 6 or 7 years.

I never new how bad they were,and thought my narcotic addiction was my only problem.I took the xanax mostly to balance out the "shakes" from Morphine and Lortab.I was completely careless,and guess I built up the tolerance over the last few years,though I wasn't taking 4-5MG when I started....1/2 mg used to completely alleviate any symptoms of panic or anxiety in me.

I just don't remember when that was.

I had the great experience of meeting other OCD's when I was in detox.I never "knew" what my problem was when I was a kid....the rituals,bleeding hands,trying to poke my eyes out of my head when I was 10 (because I knew they'd come out if I slept)..being teased by others when they'd pick up on the rituals.

Now that I've had a chance to find out I'm typical,it's defused a LOT of the circular thinking,if not all of it.I also opened up to a therapist while I was still using...so maybe my drug addiction was useful in that respect.

I know of the terror of constant anxiety.It is a cruel taskmaster.

Having a counselor or friend or anybody you can talk to is very useful,particularly fellowship.I don't know all the symptoms of GAD,but there HAS to be some kind of support network.

I hope you get well,and good,and soon.