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Hi Joe.
I just went through it myself,and had my own experience,as well as watching others in my detox facility.

I had to drive 350 miles to the place,and they neglected to tell me to come in Withdrawing.....I took 5-6 lortabs and a couple of xanax just to be able to make the drive,checked in at noon and was told I could not start until at least the following AM.

I got through the day fine,went to bed at ten PM...and then woke up at 2 AM hurting bad (I never stopped that early in the day before)..just had to walk around,feel the 1000 lb. limbs until 4 or 5.
Took subetex at 6 am,and was well almost immediately. (18 hours)

HOWEVER..by the end of the first day I began getting very ill and was that way for 36 hours.

I don't know exactly why...I was also addicted to xanax,benzo's and thats what the Dr. blamed it on.

But..all the other subetex detoxers in the facility had been off their Narcs 24 hours before they got there,and were a lot less sicker than me.....

so...it sounds like they gave you good advice.

Maybe I wasn't completely "clean" ,WD symptoms Hadn't fully engaged....maybe I wasn't "bad enough" as I was only chewing up 10 lortabs a day (along with 30 mgs morphine,4-5 mgs of xanax)
I was the "beginner" of our particular batch.

The two people closest to me in check in time were a guy on 40 norco a day,and a girl on 300$ worth of heroin.....both had a day clean B4 they came,and both got well before me.

A little girl doing the Oxy mambo checked in while I was there,and was a WRECK on check in....2 days later she was up and about totally fine.

HEY ...I'm really glad you're going to do this.It takes courage to do something like this,and you're going to get well.I'm 25 days off of hydrocodone now,and I feel better than I ever did on the stuff.

Keep posting ,and if it gets tough contact us directly...we'll al be here for you Brother.