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I am 24 and have had bouts of shortness of breath for about 4 years now. It first started back when i was in undergrad. i saw my doctor, he gave me generic xanax (.25 dosage) it never made a significant change in my breathing, perhaps just made me more relaxed about it. The breathing stopped (i can't remember when because i thought it would never come back, I had always attributed it to allergies). It then resurfaced on a few occasions, mounting to a period of time when I was doing an internship in Denver (where as you know allergies don't exist, at least not for me anyways). Therefore, the thought of allergies was ruled out. Now about 6 months after the last episode, the breathing is back again, but with a vengance. My body is sore from trying to catch my breath, yawning becomes a nervous tick to try to give my brain the needed air that it lacks. This shortness of breath lasts all day long (I don't know if it continues while I sleep). And it lasts for weeks at a time, I believe months in the past. There is no perceptive pattern to this problem. Again, my doctor has attributed it to stress/anxiety, and while these problems arise during relatively stressful times in my life, I have had other stressful times in my life that I could breath perfectly fine. I don't dwell on things, I don't have shaking, i only get lightheaded when I can't get the air I need, and I'm becoming emotional over it because it is very obvious to those who I see and interact with daily. It's almost as if I have turrets.

I think I'm just reaching out in the hopes that someone else has perhaps experienced something like this, or could advice me. I am seeing my doctor again today, but he doesn't always seem to have all the answers.
I am experiencing it as we speak!! I too get bouts, but none that go on all day long for days like this! I was just reading my anxiety book and I am a textbook case! Do you feel like you have to keep taking deep breaths? Walk around "sighing" to fill your lungs? Feel like you are suffocating? I was bad on Saturday and took a Xanax and was totally normal the rest of the day, Sunday it was on and off, yesterday I wasn't too bad, and today I'm a mess! I don't want to take a Xanax again, I want to deal with it myself, but it's really disturbing. Then I feel like I can't concentrate on anything!
Please be careful with Xanax -- it's extremely addictive.
Well I did see my doctor, and he has given me a HIGHER dosage of xanax which i'm not happy with. (I am aware of the addictive nature of the medicine). I really don't like taking it, I have noticed that I'm more relaxed about not being able to breath, but the breathing matter its-self has not been fixed. My doc said that xanax is like a band-aid. It temporarily fixes the problem but does not proactively solve it.

He said that if in 3 weeks i'm still having the breathing issue he is going to prescribe me something that is more proactive in nature. Which to me spells (you-are-crazy-and-need-prozac) or something to that effect. I'm not really interested in taking any kind of anti-anxiety medicine, frankly because I don't believe it is healthy and my body will expect it when i have anxious problems (which I still can't find the cause of.

Sounds like i'm anxious about being anxious!

How frequently do you take Xanax now? Are you able to be off of it for a few days in a row? If you don't take it, what happens, and how quickly?

My own experience with Xanax wasn't good. The drug worked wonderfully in reducing symptoms, but I developed "feedback". They original symptoms would return even worse when I stopped taking the xanax. Withing 3 months, I became physically addited to it, and being completely self-aware of the problem and terrified of detoxing on my own, I checked myself into a clinic for medically supervised detox. I was terrified that the original symptoms would come back, but as it turned out, the "feedback" was playing tricks on me. After 2 days of a relatively easy depakote-assisted detox, the panicky symptoms were gone.

There's more to it - but I'm just wondering if you feel that you have developed a physical dependence on Xanax (not at the level of a full-blown mental addiction).