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Hi, this is my first post, and I haven't read very much, but I would like to know what drugs are considered "opiates"? I have back problems and the doctors have prescribed Darvocet (I VERY SELDOM take) and Flexeril (only take occasionally). I recently, about four months ago, discontinued taking the antidepressant Effexor XR. I've also been cutting back on Xanax (was on two pills every night to help me sleep, and one up to three times a day if I felt anxious). I'm now on half a tablet a night, I tried cutting it out completely, but wasn't sleeping at all. My moods since discontinuing the Effexor and cutting back on everything else have been pretty awful. I am very emotional, get my feelings hurt too easily, and then I get angry because my feelings have been hurt. Is this comparably "normal" for a person who's been addicted to prescription (or otherwise) meds? I guess I hadn't considered myself addicted... but if someone takes meds like this daily, they do stand a chance to become addicted. Thank you for any and all replies.

Thank you for your reply. :) I found Effexor withdrawals to be pretty tough. That is definitely not an antidepressant I'll try again. It worked pretty good when I was on it, that is, I wasn't emotional, actually, I was with no emotions at all it seemed. :confused: Anyway, my reasons for going off most of my medications were, for one, that they were getting too expensive, and also I got tired of feeling zombied out. I'd get up in the morning after taking the Xanax the night before, and an hour later I'd still be so groggy I'd go back to bed. I just got tired of feeling that way. I think that when discontinuing Effexor, it has to be done over time. I went off completely within two months and was told that was too quick. Are we allowed to post websites from other places? If yes, then I have a website I can give you that addresses these issues.