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heres my story: its not anywhere near as severe as most of the things ive read on this board, but it definitly has created a problem for me that i need some advice to deal with. i have taken prescription drugs recreationally for about 18 months to 2 years. ive never really been into taking high doses of drugs and havent really devolped a tolerence , i would just take the prescribed dose to get the little buzz they give. ive taken vicodin, percocet, xanax, and ambien, it seemed like everyone did it in college and didnt really seem to be a problem. ive graduated now, but when i get home from work im usually looking to take some sort of pill. i just recently realized this may be a problem. i dont think its anything out of control, but i know i definitly need to stop NOW. i realized a problem might be starting when i found myself sitting at work and thinking about getting off and taking a pill, it almost seems like that gets me through the day. so anyway, i'm almost positve i dont have a physical addiction or dependence built up where i have to worry about withdrawl symptoms, but what i would like are some tips on how to cope with my psychological addiction and end the pill popping. im in the "i'll quit tommrow" stage right now. ive been saying that for 4 days, but i have been able to stop. i wouldnt say there is an intense craving or anything, i just seem to talk myself into it every evening. i know people say "you need to figure out why you take the pills" and my answer to that would be boredom/enjoyment and relaxation you get from the little buzz. anyway i need to stop this foolishness TODAY, and i would really apperciate any tips to deal with the psychological end of this beast. im going out of town with family in for 3 days this weekend, and the plan is to not take any pills on the trip so there will not be an option for taking them, i may be in a bad mood for the three days, but that seems like it should be a good way to get a head start? thanks for reading
I am going through the same thing. Except you're in stage 2 I'd say, and I'm now in stage 3. I've experimented with several pills. Xanax and Ambien being one of them, and i see nothing addicting about them they just make me real drowsy and I don't consider that a buzz. I am an opioid man. I love anything opioid. Hydrocodone, tramadol, oxycodone, etc.

What pills have you been taking the most?
im the same way. i havent taken a benzo (xanax) in some time. i never really liked them but i would eat em just casue everyone else was i guess. they just made me tired. im a opioid guy too. that i definitly the root of my problem, although i have a presciption to ambien, so when im not taking an opioid im taking them. like i said, not enough to casue a real physical addicition, just psychological. so tell me about these stages, and give me some tips if ya got em.