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We're probably neighbors judging from your username and drug of choice. It seems to go with this little part of Appalachia. What's up with that anyway?

That and pot. I know 70 year old hillbillies that smoke pot. Everyone I know smokes pot. Except me. Makes me paranoid. Unless I drink about 6 beers first and then it makes me sick. LOL. Some damn fine homegrown they keep finding and burning. The skies are full of helicopters day after day this time of year.

Maybe I shouldn't say that but I don't find pot to be a particularly horrible drug. I'm sure it's ruined some lives though. At least, it shouldn't be a schedule 1 drug. If I'm out of line here with my opinion I apologize. I've been reading the threads when I can but haven't been through that many yet.

I just dragged myself to the PO and the store for cigarettes. Another addiction but at least I'm hardly smoking at all. Makes me too nauseous.

I cannot believe it was so hard. It's only two freaking blocks. And I drove not walked.

I also have two dogs I have to walk four times a day. That's another total nightmare but has to be done. I don't want to have to see or talk to anyone. I know I look as bad as I feel.

Now, I'm back safe in my hole and it's getting evening time and I'm really dreading it.

But when I read posts like yours, it really gives me hope. 180 mgs of oxy is a BIG addiction. Mine is a little baby one compared to that.

I will try the Theraflu. I've been taking Immodium which doesn't seem to be doing much and really tastes horrible but my ex told me it would be even worse if I didn't take it.

I talked to him a while this morning. He lives close by. He said when he kicked 180 oxy and 120 hydro, it took something out of him. He said he has never been the same strong person since. And if he ever got in that place again, he'd kill himself first. He said I'm lucky I'm getting off before I got to that point.

I don't mean to be scaring you. Just trying to let you know that I do understand what you must have went through. Geez, just don't ever use again. He never did. He's been clean three years now. And he has chronic pain he has to live with because he can't take anything now. He blew that one.

It's that junkie thinking. If one is good, two is better. Between that and the rapid rate tolerance builds up, I don't know how anyone doesn't end up like this. Of course, I don't consider everyone a junkie. I'm one. Always have had an addictive personality so I only have that to go on. Maybe, people who aren't can actually take what they're prescribed.

I used to eat handfuls of Xanax when I had a script for them. The dosage was one per day as needed. Well, I needed them and often and lots of them.

My dilemma is what to do post surgery. Obviously, not narcotics.

Of course, that is in the future and I still have to get through this. But I am going to. I've made it 4 days now. Except for the little oxy slip. Which I don't plan on repeating now that I know what was happening was par for the course not some kind of bizarre seizure. Lord, I thought my body had been possessed. RFLMAO.