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Well, here is it day 4 or 5 - I've lost track. Here it is another night of the heebie jeebies and no sleep. I only took 1/2 a lortab and 2 mgs Xanax and her I am up at 1 am after my normal 2 hours sleep. Unable to lay there and flailing around like a total spazz. I'd rather be a complete zombie from sleep deprivation than go through that.

My ex gave me some methadone. He told me it would not interfere with the wd process because it binds to different receptors. That it would just take away the symptoms and allow me to sleep and function. That it has a long half life and would even last into tomorrow and I would feel normal.

That sounds so wonderful. But as you can see, I didn't take it. Did the half a tab instead which was essentially like taking nothing.

Is this true? I'm still remembering "It takes at least a year to become addicted," so no way am I trusting any more advice from this man.

And I'm just too fuzzed out to google this and wade through 60 detox center advertisements to find anything of substance.

Sorry if it's rude. But I am hanging by a thread here right about now.

This is not getting better. I thought it would at least improve a little by now. Another sleepless night. More and harder cravings. All the physical stuff.

I only took 1/2 a Lortab last night and 2 mgs of Xanax. And I am playing with fire with the benzo ****. I can't keep doing that. Besides, I didn't even feel it although I slept for one hour. Now, I know from experience when I have occassionally popped a benzo for insomnia that my tolerance has dropped way down after not using for so long. Normally, 2 mgs of Xanax would be like hitting me with a hammer. But with this wd I feel like I just ate M&Ms.

I called my doctor yesterday and asked for something for the naseau, diarrhea, vomitting, etc. Her nurse called back at 4. She has to see me first. Well, guess what? No appointments. Go to emergent care.

Today I'm calling my insurance co. and getting precertified to go to the ER. It's a huge national company and they are probably going to be pretty surprised to hear there are no detoxes and this is the only option so it's iffy if I'll get it.

If I could just get rid of one symptom, even a minor one, I'd feel like I'm going to make it.

This just goes on and on and a minute is an hour and an hour is a day.

OK, venting finished. So anybody know anything about the methadone. Guess I can ask at the ER, but I have as much faith in the doctor's knowledge as I do in my junkie friends.