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I know you aren't going to like hearing this... and remember, I'm not a doctor... however, I have been treated extensively for both depression and an anxiety disorder... at first, the anxiety was the debilitating part.... and my shrink (this was LONG ago) put me on an anti depressant and said that it's almost the story of which came first, the chicken or the egg... she stated that they don't truly understand if the depression is a symptom of the anxiety or if the anxiety is a symptom of depression. I know you've been through it. But if you are truly, clinically depressed.... ativan is only going to mask those feelings. However, if you have both going on right now... then you at minimum need to try an AD to see if it will help w/the anxiety. I believe Paxil is specifically marketed for anxiety (or social anxiety disorder) so I do honestly believe that some ADs do assist.... but I have to take both an benzo AND an AD... Something you should know and it's happened to me... sometimes the benzos can actually cause depression... happened when I was taking Klonopin... I jumped off of it and got on xanax and it has helped a lot. But do consider this... that benzos are considered 'depressants', just like alcohol... Just hang in there and continue to see your doc. It took me a LONG time until I found the right mix to help me. So far, I'm hanging in there... Good luck and keep us posted!