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Newbie here,I have read alot about all the reports on the withdrawal on the ultram, I have been on them for almost 7 years.. I never abused them in anyway,I was at one time taking 8 a day to get by, when i was working,but i have retired and have got down to three a day..i have been trying the past six months to get off them all together, I take 1 1/2 in the morning, and 1 1/2 in the afternoon, i can't get past taking less than this with out feeling like hell, if i go two are three hours over my normal time, I start getting flu like symptom,I was bound to get off them so this past week end i tried to stop cold turkey, Let me tell you i have never been soooooo...Miserable in all my life and i can take a lot of pain..but this was pure HELL..I have never hurt that that bad in my life, I was all over the house trying to find a place to sleep that felt good on the floor, back bedroom couch,recliner,etc..no help..so i did make it for 22 hours, but had to give in and take two..and in 30 min...i was back to normal..yea right.

They say this med is not addictive, My butt..what i need to know is where do i go from here, Is there a herb out there that will help with the withdrawals.? I did the xanax..with little help..I do think if i can get off these things i will feel lot's better in the long run..

I have been thinking of sueing...the maker of this drug,claiming it is not at all an addictive drug,,but right now i just want to get past the horrible feeling,and i mean horrible, hell like feeling if i don't take my drugs on time. any help and support will really help..