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I was just wondering if I was going to experience withdrawl from xanax, how long after I took the last one would I feel the withdrawl? I was only on .5mg once a day for about 3 weeks. My doctor said it takes months to get addicted to, but for my own peace of mind if anyone knows how long it takes for the withdrawl to start I would appreciate it :)
I was addicted to Xanax several years ago. But at a much higher dose ( 4 -5 mgs a day) and I took it for over a year. I had to taper off with valium. I couldn't just stop.

I think your doc is probably right. Three weeks is not very long at all and .5 mg is a small dose. Xanax is very short acting. Any wd would probably occur within 24 hours. In your case, the most I would expect would be maybe a little rebound insomnia.

Don't worry. Especially if you were taking it for anxiety. :)

Best to stop. Benzos are very addictive and Xanax is about the worst one.

I just wanted to stress that it is probably best to find another way, preferably drugless, to deal with your anxiety issues. Docs will also try to put you on antidepressants for that too and they bring their own set of problems.

I started taking Xanax for anxiety and it is a wonder drug for relieving it. Unfortunately, it soon becomes your worst nightmare. For me, tolerance increased within a month of taking it. And with Xanax, when tolerance increases you suffer tolerance wd which means your anxiety starts increasing unless you take more. Soon, you're in this cycle of taking more and more and then you're hooked.

You reach a point of addiction where you cannot safely stop abruptly without risking seizure. Then you have to undergo a long taper during which you suffer wd, albeit milder, all the time.

Again, you're probably fine. I agree you might feel a little more anxiety than you're used to but it's very doable. And as I mentioned, maybe some restless nights. Again, nothing overwhelming or horrible.

Let us know how you do and really, don't take this drug anymore. It is the worst of the benzos for addiction and wd. The only other one that I've heard is as bad is Ativan.