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[QUOTE=Ryan'sDad]First let me make it clear. I did not come on here to debate the "disease theory" so I don't understand that just because I don't adhere to that philoshophy why there are those who are getting so upset. Yes I believe that addiction is a morality issue and not a "disease issue. " If you think differently then that then prove it if not then let's just agree to disagree.

I am not on any kind of "highhorse" I am struggling myself and I have a right to my opinion just like everyone else. I have not personally attacked anyone only questioned the "disease theory" which is bogus.

This seems to go to prove my point in that the adherents to the "disease theory" attack when this politically correct model is questioned in anyway.

There are just as many people who have quit if not more on their own or by some other method then by aa. So the question is is are you more interested in helping someone get off of drugs and staying clean or shoving a paticular view down someone's throat?

If I getted banned then so be it. I was offering my suggestions and was attacked by the aa police and now I am getting annoyed. If you don't like what I have written then just click off and go tto something else.


Hey, I just wandered into this forum and saw your post here. I haven't seen any others, but from what I gathered, you don't believe in the "disease" theory on addiction. I personally don't either!

I think people sometimes take chances or experiment, and then find themselves in addiction. I don't think this a moral/strength issue, but more of how chemicals, whether it be the prescription of Xanax for nerves, the alcohol for socializing, or the drug that brings on the euphoria a frustraiting life cannot, really effect the brain and nervous system. Once things like physical dependancy and tolerance kick in, it is a matter of the person feeling horrible without the drug, plain and simple. There is alot going on in the body, trying to recover. It is very hard for people to function on a lesser level after drugs, but they have done it, so I'd have to admire anyone who can.

There is a psychological part too, so that's how AA comes in so handy and helpful for people. But real physical disease has no such negotiations. If you get cancer or diabetes, an AA meeting will be of little help. Real disease does not require your participation, whereas you must continue to consume the offensive chemical to continue addiction.

I think they just want to make people feel, if diseased, they must continually go to a doctor for medication....those medications are sometimes just as bad.