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Chris --- Again, still not fully knowing ALL of your story, such as if you drank prior to your hydro addiction and ever had any issues... I mean, people can drink and drink to get drunk and others simply drink to simply relax... But I've heard the same thing that others were saying which is that a drug is a drug and that alcohol should be treated the same way. ANYTHING that changes the way you feel... One AA guy told me that when I was trying to quit opiates... that once I stopped that (this was prior to me getting on Suboxone) that I would just find something else to get addicted to and that he would BET MONEY that 5 years from now I would be an alcoholic. Now, I think it depends on the person... I also think the odds are against us if we 'play around w/fire too much'. Knowing all of this.... I still have a drink every now and then and it doesn't bother me. Actually, being on Sub... (and another guy on here said the same thing)... there have been two different times where I had two drinks and felt tipsy... once I stopped drinking, about 30 min later that feeling was gone so I think Sub works to help with alcohol too.

That being said - you are NOT supposed to drink w/Sub so I need ensure that everyone knows that if they do, they are taking a risk... it's just like mixing lortabs with drinking... a big no no. But I tried it anyway and I was o.k. I still think that anyone and everyone reading this should know that I should not have done this and that IF we do choose to drink when we stop hydros (which by the way, If you are going through any withdrawals at all, I've heard that drinking makes them 10 times worse)

Also, alcohol is a depressant and if you are currently suffering from depression (as I have as well), I would not touch the stuff at all until you are completely stabilized on your meds. My sis was taking zoloft and also drinking heavily... it was awful. She was on a spiral. Now she is someone that has amazed me because she stopped drinking (after years of being drunk almost on a nightly basis) but she did so without any meetings or anything. Also, she discovered that her zoloft wasn't working AT ALL because of the drinking.

Anyway, that being said... I wouldn't mess with it right now. To say that you can't ever have a drink for the rest of your life...???? I just don't know but I know that for me, I am not terribly worried about it but I do watch it very closely. However, I'm on xanax too and that is the same principle... I could easily get addicted to that as well and I have to make sure I take as little as possible. Which with me taking this diet med, it actually has calmed me down and I'm not as anxious... except sometimes at night... and I think that's because it's wearing off.

I'm happy that your meds are kicking in and that the depression is getting better. Lynn, more than anyone (at least that I know on here) is the true expert on depression and really helped me at my lowest points. She's an angel. Now... Good luck Chris, keep up the awesome work and Lynn, if you are reading this, I'm going to start a new post to you about Sub and my diet meds vs. Ritalin. K?

We'll talk later... Bye :wave: