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Chef, all I can tell you is what it did to me. I was physically unable to move but completely aware of everything going on around me. I could not even speak. It was truly horrible. I have no idea what it does if you actually are psychotic. To be honest, I don't even know if they use it anymore. There may be more modern medicines now. Which I'm sure are equally horrible if you're not psychotic.

Windy, no detoxes here. No clonodine except in the ER. No addiction specialists. Only anti drug zealouts.

I did a very rapid valium taper from a high dose of Xanax before. I did not follow the Ashton manual or I'd probably still be on it. I had minimal discomfort, mostly the anxiety and insomnia which has plagued me my whole life.

I switched at half the Ashton equivalency and cut 1/4 every week. I exercised daily and worked every day throughout the entire taper. I was functional albeit not the happiest camper. That's my goal.

I researched benzo wd thoroughly before I did my taper which I did myself, not under medical supervision. The actual rate of seizures in benzo wd is very low and is usually in people who have had previous seizure activity.