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Hi to all of my "cyber-family"....well today is the 24th and i am 60 days clean of opiates. It seems like so long ago that i was running amuck, doc-shopping, being dope-sick etc. I went to the dentist yesterday and we are now faced with the fact that i need most of my teeth removed, like 97% and am going to get implants. The problem is that i need to get the teeth removed at one sitting and then they put a temp. denture in while my gums heal. I did ask about pain, and he said there will be a substatial amount of pain for like a month or two, eating only very soft food. :eek:
WHAT THE HECK DO I DO NOW????? I HAVE to get this done, it is partly for my self -esteem issues, never mind the pain i have now. What are everyone's opinion on what i do....i don't want to go on another pain pill binder. He suggested having my hubby hold on to them and only using them for like a week or so....YEAH RIGHT!!! A week will turn to months and i will be at square one all over again. I am truly scared to even take one. But when i asked what type of alternative methods there are for pain....he seemed puzzled and informed me that he would do some research for me, i will be in a great deal of pain, and motrin and ibuprophen is OUT cuz of my ulcer. My teeth are BAD, it is really hindering the way i SHOULD be feeling about myself. so my question is, when faced with issues as this, what the heck do we addicts do????? Take them as prescribed when the teeth come out.... or wing it???? I don't know if i could take the pain of having all of my teeth out and not having anything to control the pain. Maybe this is the addict in me talking but......i need advice badly!!! To those of you out there reading this, i need as much info as i can get....i'm gonna do some research on the net and check back in a few.
Other than this "issue" i am doing wonderful!!! Never felt better, that is why i am dreading doing this, but for health purposes as well, it HAS to be done and soon, teeth are starting to break off and my front tooth has become sorta loose. I wonder if narcotics are what ruined my teeth to begin with. I also vomitted like literally 15 times a day everyday when i was pregnant with my son, and this is what the doctor feels has ruined my teeth, along with the zoloft and xanax, cuz it causes a dry mouth, which promotes decay.
So help me out over here guys.....i really need some advice, please don't hold back today!!!!
Hope everyone is well...........DallasAlice...good to see ya back, and Chris...where are you and HOW are you???? Banker, staceey, chef, philster,goddessgirl, Michelle, twins, deerme, and everyone else, HELP!!!
i need some serious advice over here....
Hanging in there