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Thank you and all of you who have replied. I do want to get better. I REFUSE to have spent over half a century on this earth and end up an alcoholic now.
Resources in my area are very limited. I called a hotline six weeks ago, and got an extremely nice person. The problem was that he wanted me to go three states over to a center in Fla. He seemed to push this particular place to hard and I became wary. I have been on xanax off and on for three years (scared the you know what out of me) would not take it. At the time a pop of straight whiskey in a bathroom cup helped me to deal with what was coming my way that day with my mom. Seemed so safe at the time, how dumb was I. I lurked on the alz board daily and it helped just to read and be able to say, I know how this feels. I have taken 100 milligrams zoloft for the past 2 years and the side effects were awful but not supposed to be addictive or habit forming, seemed good to me. Have taken myself off it. Now I can see the help it was doing and somehow the side effects seem almost bearable now (diarrhea up to 10-12 times per day, uncontrollable, awful couldn't sleep for running to the bathroom). Sorry, I know this is gross. Sorry to have rambled on, and thanks for listening.