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I've been prescribed .25mg's twice daily of xanax. I insisted on not taking that much unless I'm going to be very stressed out. I've been taking it off and on for about 2 weeks now (only taking it twice daily when i get panicky). I really don't want to take these anymore because i've heard all the horror stories of becoming addicted and the withdrawl symptoms. Is it possible if I quit taking them (except on an as-needed basis) i'd suffer withdrawl already? I've asked my doctor this question but he won't give me a straight forward answer.

Basically what I want to know is, after only 2 weeks of off-and-on usage, could I be addicted? Thanks for any help.
The fact you're scared is good. Stay that way.

I'm not a doctor but I would say it's doubtful you're addicted. You're definitely on your way though. Xanax is the absolute worst benzo in terms of addiction. I read somewhere you can become addicted in only three weeks.

I don't know why you're taking them but whatever the reason find a drug free way to cope.

Two weeks on a mild dose shouldn't lead to any major withdrawal problems. You should throw them away, tell your doctor you are throwing them away, and have your doc monitor you(blood pressure). Xanax will hook you fast and it is best to throw them out. A lot of the horror stories you hear are from people who were on high doses for quite some time. There are a lot of wacky benzophobes out there who blame things like toe fungus on benzo withdrawal......these folks are pretty damned crazy. Two weeks on a small dose.....just quit those things. You might lose some sleep but that's not going to kill you.
Y'know, I tried Xanax maybe 3 or 4 times when I got them from a friend and I HATED the way they made me feel. I can't see how people get so hooked on something that makes you feel the way you do when you take a good strong dose of Nyquil - YUCK!
But, yeah, my doc said he NEVER prescribes Xanax so I guess the buggers are bad news. There are many less potent sleep drugs on the market and I'd ask my doc what my options were. Unless you're only taking these for anxiety which I take Paxil CR for and it works miracles for me with NO side effects.
Your fine..it usually takes about 3-4 weeks of DAILY use to develop addiction/w/d-symptoms-and you are at a moderate dose-Really-don't worry about it-If you NEED the xanax-on ocassion-for panic/serious anxiety-its ok-
But if you are really worried about getting addicted-and feel like you could live w/o them-Flush em..Forget em..
You could try an AD-paxil-etc..for general anxiety..short term-and see if that helps-
Benzos are a last resort-but honestly-saved me from agoraphobia/severe panic attacks(3/4x a week)..i need them-and take them as prescribed..
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