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I had the same problem. I was drinking too much (10+ bottles of beer) every night. I also take narcotic pain meds for chronic pain.

I would wake up at around 5 am with the shakes/jitters. Like an anxiety attack. I would need to take .5 mg of xanax to calm down - much the same as having a little "hair of the dog" by drinking in the am because xanax works the same way on the central nervous system that alcohol does.

I just thought it was the pain meds withdrawl after not taking any all night.

Recently I stopped drinking cold turkey (I had drunk the above amount for about 1 year). I had mild w/d's for about 3 days.

Now I don't have the panic/shakes/jitters when I wake up in the morning. I do however have a hard time sleeping thru the night, although this is getting better. I usually wake up about 3 times a night.

Anyway, yes, drinking too much will cause the symptoms you describe.