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Thanks Guy's....It was not to bad...fishingpard, i took half a Xanax..at 2:30am and slept the rest of the night...I feel pretty..this morning..feel like i have been beat with an ugly stick...on the other hand still feel good about myself.I'm hoping the worst is over..it can only get better, My brain already feels better,Leg's and shoulders still hurt a little..of course feel tired..But it is a beautiful day..and i am going to enjoy it...setting here on the back porch, watching the birds, nice and cool...with my lap top...having my coffee..and feeling good about myself.life is too short to be caught up in this Demon drug.I still get mad that i had to go thru this..and want to sue..the Drug com..for saying it was not an addictive drug when it first came out..Boy where they wrong..or we were all ...just dupted..so they could profit from this crap.

I never want to relive the past two weeks..EVER..and that is one thing that keeps me on track...and i hope other understand that and keep on trackwith there Detox...you can do it..it is HARD..and i still have a way to go..this all just did not happen over night..so i understand it will take time to get back to normal but worth it..to have my life back.
Thanks fisherpard,I had one of the worst night i have had since i started this. even back when i tried to go cold turkey..i went to bed and fell alsleep..and woke about an hour later and was in full WDs again..WHY..??? I made it to the back bedroom and just layed there in the fetal position..and moaned out loud..First time i came close to grabing a hand full of ( ultram) to make it stop...Damn..it hurt..I didn't tho...I kept telling myself you do you will have to go thru all this again, NO WAY IN GOD"S GREEN EARTH..can i do that, SO i took a Xanax...and in thirty min was asleep..and was ok the rest of the night.

I have been feeling alive in the day and have been doing alot around the house wonder if i my be over doing it...??? and it was not a Fibro flair up...fisherpard...It was a full blown WD my body telling me to give it some DRUGS...are else.But i made it and feel good this morning.

What a wonderful day. :wave: This is day four and things are getting So much better i took a real hot bath last night took 1/2 xanax and slept like a baby first time in six day's

Wilkey ,Fisherpard thanks for everything..you will never know.OH COOL just looked up and had a Deer Snort at me.. :p Down by the Creek..on the porch having my coffee..and feeling good about life. this has been HELL and want nothing to do with anything like this again...IN MY LIFE, If the Doc ever gives me anything that my even be Addictive..i will flush them...

OH yea guy's my Wife has a Masters in Psychology..smart chick. :D

You all keep up the good work...and live lift to the fullest, the way it should be.