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Hi April. Thanks for replying. I am overweight too, but have never had this problem before. I am on Zoloft and take Xanax as needed for stress and anxiety. I am uncertain if these symptoms I am having could be stress related. I was going to try a multi-vitamin to see if that helps. Please keep me updated on what your doctor says. Thanks, Tabitha.
Hi, I have the same symptoms you do except Im a Diabetic and I also take xanax, I was just tested by a neurologist and the test came up negative, and I am also a little overweight. So I dont know what could cause it, Have you been checked for Diabetes? I also get a tingling in my nose and around my mouth people think Im nuts, becasue I cant even stand to have water run over my hands when it starts.. If you find anything out let me know. good luck :wave: