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Hi Christina 1984.
I had a brief experience with seroquel and I can see where NOT taking it might cause a problem if one had gotten used to it.

A Quack tried to get me on that stuff,and after reading your post,boy am I glad I never followed through..(I just didn't take the meds)

because of a lifetime of using benzo's,the MD at my detox prescribed seroquel for sleep for me..(throwing darts...they keep trying stuff until something works)

It's weird how each of our bodies differ.I can take 100 mgs of hydro,50 mgs of morphine and 2mgs of Xanax and play baseball......25 mgs of seroquel and it was like a Mack truck had hit me....slept for 18 hrs straight....woke up with the chills and that weird feeling you wrote about....pretty scary stuff.

In physics,every action has an equal and opposite reaction.If your body became assimilated to seroquel and all that "Mack truck" effect.when removed it might be a while before you're normalized.

It sounds to me like you need some sort of anti-anxiety med like xananx or klonopin or ativan.My boss hass been having trouble sleeping for months and tried everything,and finally took half of a 2mg xanax and said he slept like a baby.
Trazadone is only effective for sleep if you go to bed immediately after taking it ,and even then has only a 15 minute "effective" window.......they gave it out in detox for the insomnia,though most people complained it was fairly ineffective.

Hope that helps a little