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hi, I posted below regarding my prescription for Xanax, I am wondering if I would be better of temporarily with valium? I find the Xanax wears off quickly and find myself needing more to retain my feeling of calmness. Does valium work for a longer period of time?, therefore needing less medication? If anyone has any suggestions/experience please let me know as I need to get over this emotional hump with my son, yet not become addicted to numbing myself.

Both drugs are bad news but the valium is "safer" as it has a longer half-life. Do not quit these drugs cold turkey. It is best to taper down using valium if you can handle a taper. Xanax and Klonipin have very short half-lives and you hit tolerance very quickly. Valium got a bad name in the 70's but it is actually "safer" than the rest. Search Google "Ashton Manual" and download/print Dr. Heather Ashton's manual......it explains how to safely get off of benzodiazepines using valium. Stay away from the benzo forum though....too many crazies in there who'll scare the hell out of you.