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Hi guys and gals.
It's me Baseball65..I came here to get some advice and support the first time I tried to kick,which unfortunately was unsuccessful.I'm back and could still use a little advice/help.

I used the quick version of the sub detox and manged to stay off of Hydro for about 25 or so days,after 5-6 years on it..that was back in july...Ive been back on for 2 months now.

Everything was going fine,until I was back in my usual routine,and had a bout with a Dentist who gave me nothing(offered nothing either) for some major roadwork he did.That episode,compounded with the daily frustrations of life/parenting....You know the rest of the story.."I'll only take two and then....."

I haven't gone back to Morphine or used as many drugs,But I am doing the 7-10 Lortab a day mambo,with a couple of MGs of xanax.

I've noticed from reading newer posts that now Subutex seems to be a temporary maintainance drug and not a 5 day quickie treatment.I'm wondering if I should have been on it longer?

I had a quick detox...a miserable second detox..and then never again really felt OK...I was doing alright,but when in any sort of stressful situation I was having a meltdown of anger and Psychological torment.

Obviously I'm not OK with myself on the lortabs anymore,but I'm afraid to get help again and to get left with that zero-empty-anger feeling I was having..

How do I find a sub doctor in my area? I live in Nashville now(re: I was moving this summer) and I am really sick of needing to constantly aquire meds...there's too much stuff I liked about being sober,even for a brief moment,to keep living this dullard existence,but I'm afraid......of the Turkey and the follow-up..
Thanks for any advice
Cali hearing your story gives me great hope and congrats to you 3 mo is great! baseball cant really tell you if the sub is the way for you or not but I was jst like you 7-15 lortabs then xanax at night been on the sub for 6 months now and will be trying to get off it I guess like Cali did look at the sub web site and you can look for doctors in your area on there that is how I found my doc.good luck buddy and hang in there this game is winnable.