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Quote from dwp512:
Windy...this was such a good read. Being 3 days clean, I was sitting here thinking about these exact issues....how do I stay clean. Already this little, but extremely persuasive voice in my head is arguing ...you can handle it, just one the weekends, etc. The little *******...I'd ring his neck if I could catch him.

Hi dp, congratulations on 4 days! Truly, the 24 hour, one day at a time theory really works. We can do almost anything for 24 hours, sometimes even breaking it down more~ into 10 minutes at a time if necessary, especially if you are having a tough withdrawal or tough day. Just for today I can stay clean. Another thing that helped me during those early, early days is
having the willingness to be uncomfortable! I could never stay stopped, when I would pick up again the moment the going got tough! Just knowing that it isn't going to be comfortable, can help with having the right mindset. Some of us just have to pray for the willingness until it comes!

For myself, I tried lots of different ways and literally hundreds of times to quit, (I am Sooo old!) but the thing that works for me is AA/NA - And going to lots of metings, especially in the beginning. I would never have ever stayed stopped without them. I have been clean and sober with the help of AA for 16+ years, but truly, only doing it One day at a time. I know it is not for everyone, but if you are new and trying to stay clean, the support and unconditional love that you will find there is magical. Something has to fill that empty hole that we are left with when we give up our "best friend and companion- DRUGS and/or alcohol"! I found meetings and the tools of recovery that I continue to learn there to be what works for this drug addict. I just want to qualify that I was addicted to every type of drug out there including,
meth, H, methadone, pain pills (opiates), xanax, valium and booze. I tell you this simply to offer hope to anyone who is still suffering with this disease of addiction. It is do-able! Sometimes we just have to wait (or pray) for the willingness.

My love and warmest hopes and prayers go out to all you just beginning (or trying to hang onto) this journey of recovery. Yep, it's do-able.