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I've been taking prescription Lortab 10/500 4 times a day for the last month, probably 3 times a day the last 5 months.

I have recently decided to get off the drug, but I can't seem to.

I have cravings for the drug, and I have them at my disposal.

I know you might say "Flush 'em", but that will only make it worse.

I'm wondering if there is a counteracting drug i.e. Darvocet that will suppress my cravings while aiding in my back problem?

What can I do?

I love the high, I love the numbness....

And the ironic thing is: I HATE drugs.

I'm also on Klonopin 1mg a day, and Efexxor 150mg a day.

I'm not addicted to the Klonopin at all, plus I recently switched from Xanax to Klonopin w/o any problems.