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Hey Guys remember me?? I have been lost and swimming in a sea of Oxy's I need help... Last I talked to you guys I was only taking 60 mg.'s a day. Then I quit talking or reading and NOW today I took 140mg. I am drowning fast. The worst part is I almost out for like 10 days...so how do I taper with only seven pills left for 10 days. I know I know rehab would be the best option but
I can't do it, not yet, my family would be so dissappointed. I ncan kick this myself I know I can I just need some advice on tapering. Should I start swallowing them whole? And I have a perscription of xanax and Klonzipan will those help with the withdrawls...I can't believe I let myself get this out of control...it's not even fun anymore, it quit being fun ALONG time ago...I really want to stop, but rehab causes major anxiety right now....any advice would be a life saving device for me drowning in a sea of Oxy's!!!
YOu guys are such a tremendouse help just knowing you guys have/can do it gives me hope....but sometimes I almost think I'd rather be dead....Tomorrow is my last day with 40mg. than I'm done I have nerotuin. and xanax but I dont know what else to expect, I have no idea what I am embarking on and I am scared I have never felt so alone.....Thanks for all your support youguys, please let me know any advce you have, I guess I'll just haul up in my apt. for three days unplug the phone and suffer....How long until I am at least able to function? Does anyone know?
I would be lost with your words of support thank you I really dont know what else I can say....