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You guys are right, the more I think about this I get major anxiety but I think itsa blessing in disguise...I think the higher powers are saying NOPE kick it now...the last two days I have got it back down to 60mg. and I think i will get it down to 40 and then I'll be out for two weeks...WHat I need from you guys is what I can expect and what I can do to make ot easier.....I have access to neroutin which I heard can help and also xanax...so with thatit mind will you guys give me a run-down about what to expect and any rmemedies to ease the effects....you know what the weirdest part of all I'm kind of looking forward to getting through it, and over with it. I have five pills left...I'm not chewing them starting tomorrow and then I am going to two pills and then ...what? What can I expect.... 60 mg. for a year and half almost everyday...please let me know what I can expect...I am scared helpless!!
I apperciate your guys help and I am sorry to be such a pester but I need to get through this plain and simple. I ahve no choice, I refuse to buy them from friends so this is it, ANY ADVICE PLEASE....Thanks for everything i would be lost without you 'all.
Im worried about you-your not going in patient so im not sure what to say except-prepare yourself w/ some over the counter meds to help-immodium for the diarehea-advil/motrin-you got xanax for nreves/anxiety-but if you could get valium that would be better-but go easy on these-lots of fluids-
do you have anyone to help you?
i got to go-but ill be back..
GGirl I am worried about myself, I would rather be dead than go through this...I have access to neroutin have you heard if that will help...I have so much pressure from my mersonal life that I dont think I can tell anyone I just can't its sad, becuase to the "Laymans" eye it would appear thatI have an amazing support system close friends a veryinvoloved sister and my mom is my heart and soul and life, but thats why I can
t tell them, they dont let things drop they eill never let me forget it, they will never trust me nono no I can't I'm just gonna haul up in my apartment with xanax, flu medicin I have Clonipin and Nerotin howw should I use it...thanks for litening to me whine I feel so desperate all the time when I talk to you guys, I am usually such a happy person, You want to hear the stranges part GGirl? I am sort of looking forward to feeling REAL feelings not muted ones...which is what I've been feeling the past year...the past three days I have gotten to 60 mg. Tomorrow is 40mg than I'm out....I heard the first four days are the worse than it get better is that true? ALso, if I were to check into a detox center, would my work find out, my mom could I check in and out by myself or does it go on your record? I am so sorry ggirl and everyone else I feel like I am taking from all of you and n ot giving anything back butI have never elt so alone and been so surrounded by people...I dont know what to do...