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Hi again Carol. I guess there are a lot of us suffering from these type of problems, but hopefully it isn't anything too serious. I had to laugh when you wrote about you and your friends carrying lipstick and brushes and now you carry about a pharmacy full of drugs. I also laugh with my friends about similar things since before we got into our 40's we would talk about different subjects and now we talk about what is ailing us and what doctor or test we have to go for next. I guess it is all part of the aging process.

I have to tell you I am really scared of having any of those scopes done, from either end. As for an endoscopy, I am really afraid of having tubes down my throat as I gag really easily and am afraid that if enough drugs weren't used and I was awake I would panic. I am also prone towards panic attacks and take xanax as needed. I can't even swallow a tiny little pill, let alone a scope or a little camera. As for the the colonoscopy part, well that also really scares me, even if I were put out for it. You see, my dad had a colonoscopy over a year ago and never came home afterwards. He had a heart condition and had to go off his comadin, which is a blood thinner to have the test done. Shortly after the procedure he suffered a massive heart attack and passed away, and I really have to believe there was some kind of correlation between having this test done or maybe going off the blood thinners for a few days and what happened. While I don't have a heart condition like my dad and I know most people come out of these procedures just fine, with any type of procedure there is a certain degree of risk involved and that's why they make you sign a consent form before undergoing any kind of testing. I know my fear is probably not logical, it is still there so I really dread the day I am told to have a colonoscopy or an endoscopy. If it weren't for these fears I probably would have seen an GI specialist about my problems by now. My internist just tells me I have gas and that it is nothing, but he isn't the one living with this discomfort. While I am glad he doesn't push a lot of tests on me, sometimes I think he is too relaxed and laid back about my complaints.

As for anesthesia, well I really don't like it because of the way you feel afterwards, but I would rather be asleep for any invasive procedure than awake. Before I had my gall bladder surgery, I told the doctors I didn't want to wake up sick like so many people do after having anesthesia, so they told me they would put something in my IV to help with that. While I didn't throw up afterwards, I did feel nauseous even with whatever it was they put in my IV. I remember waking up not feeling great, and my back really hurting me. Maybe that was from the gas they fill you up with when you are having laproscopic surgery. I remember after a little while I was given some crackers and gingerale, and I felt better about about an hour or so and then I went home. I feel I recovered from the gall bladder surgery really well, but that's when the gas and rib pain began and now I just live with it.

I have to say I am not sorry I had my gall bladder removed since I didn't want to sit back and wait for a full blown gall bladder attack. I am sure whatever is going on with my digestive system now is not all because I had my gall bladder removed, but is probably something that would have happened anyway. I was always prone to gas and being nauseous, especially in the morning when I first get up when the acid is building overnight.

I hope you feel better and if you learn anything new, please let me know and I will do the same for you. Thanks.

Hi - I can certainly relate to a lot of what you are saying. I had my gallbladder out in 2003 and things went from bad to worse- it's now 2007 and I NEVER get any relief ( without benzoes). Just like you, when I first had it taken out - I had breathing issues (from the incision near the lungs) and I ended up in the ER 3 days after the surgery for that. Then, the very next day I had EXCRUTIATING stomach pains - I couldn't sit or stand or do anything to relieve it. My husband called the ambulance and I basically screamed in agony all the way to the hospital. It went away in one hour and then CAME BACK while they were still doing tests on me.

After the first week post-op, I had the feeling that my upper chest was weighed down and my throat was sqeezing - just like your symptoms. This HORRIBLE feeling lasted at least 12 hours a day (until I had a couple of glasses of wine and some dinner).

I ended up in the ER so many times because I thought I was having a heart attack ( I was told I was too young and had many heart tests done just to prove it wasn't my heart). Subsequently, I developed VERY bad Panic Disorder on top of everything else - UNBELIEVABLE!!!

To make 4 horrible years story short - after going to the ER almost once a week for 5 months after my op - I noticed something - the ER always gave me Xanax - and it made the horrible pains and sensations go AWAY! I told my doctor that this was the only med making me feel better (and believe me - the docs tried me on everything: protonics, tricylclics for esoph spasms, bentyl, meds for bile,.....the list goes on...).

So, I have been on Xanax (and recently added, Clonazepam - same type of med) for almost 3 years now up to date. My docs tell me that I have "over the top" Panic Disorder and that I should stop "looking for what is wrong" and basically spend $150 per session with a psychologist to deal with my panic disorder. HELLO!!! What CAUSED the panic disorder??? I have literally been preparing myself for death for the last 4 years (PAIN, FEAR, PANIC, FRUSTRATION).

Bottom line is: I'm not dead (even though these "episodes" feel like it) and I need to LEARN to separate the FEAR from the PAIN. In other words - "you're on your own, girl!"

My DEEPEST sympathies and SINCEREST compassion to all of you out there suffering from the POST effects of gallbladder removal.

PS - I haven't given up on trying to "find the problem" (which is??? - can anyone guess - COMPLICATIONS after gallbladder surgery! - YEAH!) - 7 gastro's, 3 heart docs, psych's, ER docs and family docs - and at least $30,000 in med bills over the last 4 years to boot!

Thank you for listening to me VENT (I've developed quite the cynical and sarcastic personality).