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The reason I refuse CT is I tried once and the pain just became unbearable. I also quit Xanax CT in June and that withdrawl is way worse than any pain med, so I am paranoid because of it..
I've started this thing 12 times and I sound so bitchy and I truly don't mean to, I can't imagine what they are giving them to you for that stopping them would send you to the ER. Some of us are taking anywhere from 10 to 30 (10mg) a day, now that you definitely pay a price for I don't know of many who have ended up in the ER because of it. Now there are times when death would be a welcome alternative(mild exageration) but not far from the truth.
I agree with Windysan unless there are some underlying problems that we don't understand, I'd trash whats left instead of dragging it out. There shouldn't be but maybe a couple of days of moderate discomfort, now if you went to the ER coldturkeying from xanax I think you said that I can understand. WD'ing from benzos can put you in the hospital or worse,opiate WD is mostly severe discomfort but manageable at home with OTC stuff.
If I came off snotty didn't mean to this is just the way I see it and I've been taking them for the better part of 20yrs, and had a 10 year bout with valium......wouldn't want to do that again for nothing. Best of luck to you in whichever way you choose to go.
marich101 -windysan I know I am not taking a lot. But when I quit the Xanax, it put such a scare into me. I mean, it was hell on earth. THANK GOD I am back from that. I also have a fear of pain, because the last time I quit these, the pain came back and landed me in the hospital for four days. So I guess I have two problems. One truely physical, and one mental, about the fear of wd's.
Sara, I did rehab for the Xanax. It helped me a lot. But I can't do that now, because I have to watch my kids. I wish I could, but I have no one to help me with them.