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Like I said,the hydro plague was rampant at my work(the motion picture industry) there were a few guys on stage who sold them,but generally,all we had to do was go down to the Motion Picture hospital.
whine about our backs: 60 10/500's with 3 refills
Whine about insomnia: 30 restorils with 3 refills
Whine about stress: 30 valiums with 3 refills
Whine about anxiety: 60 xanax with 3 refills
If you ran out,there's even a clinic in LA where you go in for "Therapy" and the "therapist" gives you a jar of ES's,no pharmacy or middle man,a wink,and ..have a nice day.. :wave:
I think their orders were coming from the top.The Movie industry will do anything to keep their money machine rolling.
A friend of mine in the Housing/construction industry in FL,says it's the same way...just keep working and we'll give you whatever it takes to keep ya' going.

FYI>> :blob_fire It was a Movie studio Teamster who bragged on one of those 48 hours type shows,about how easy it was to buy hydro on-line that got the whole internet pharmacy deal exposed.