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Mary ann, those were very caring, sensible words of advice. But you don't know my daughter.
She does not take my advice, she does not think she needs counseling or help of Any kind but financial. She refuses to see a counselor. I did, however, get her to go to the dentist recently (I paid). She just turned 39. So she is a grown woman who wants nothing from me but money. If I try and suggest any other solutions to any problems she interrupts me and/or starts bawling.
She is not well. She has had 2 divorces and now is saying she and her boyfriend of 2 yrs are breaking up and she's broke. So she wants money, nothing more. OK: she wants a xanax & a free house, too. :confused:
it sure does sound like your daughter has some mental health issues, i have obsessive compulsive dissorder so i know all about phobias, one of mine is with bacteria in meat and eggs....and that is actually a legit fear..but i dont let it stop me from letting my daughter (who is 1yr old) eat eggs and hamberger occasionally....because i know i have a problem but i should not deprive my daughter of these things, i dont want her to share in my craziness as she grows up...i want her to be aware of things out there but not go as far as i do with things. :rolleyes:

it is sad about your daughter but i know it is hard for her as i deel with phobias too.

mandyanne had some good advice about cutting off the money ....but i would buy things your grandson needed, (if there was ever anything he trully needed)

you said she wants xanax? she must realize she has a problem then, that med is used for treating depression and OCD (phobias) maybe you could encourage her to see a dr. and get on on that med, it could really help her....now the new house thing....no