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I know what your talking about. At the beginning of this dizziness thing my doctor prescribed me Effexor. After about 4 days I started getting major panick attacks. I went to see my doctor who told me to hang on (because they say it takes 3-4 weeks for your body to adapt) but I didn't want to. She asked me to try a different kind - Celexa. After a few days I started feeling the anxiety creeping up so I stopped. My doctor was NOT very happy with me. In 20 years, it was the first time that we disagreed with each other. She told me that my dizziness was due to anxiety but I was not totally convinced (I had not done a lot of testing at the time). I was not ready to go through hell to see if it would help my dizziness. Three years later, I'm still sure my dizziness is due to inner ear, I feel stressed but don't have major depression or anxiety symtoms but sometimes I wonder "what if she was right". What if my inner ear problem IS DUE to a chemical imbalance? I'm still debating if I should try them again.

My cousin - who just had her doctorate in psychology (experience with post-traumatic stress and anxiety) said that it is possible to take something like Xanax with the SSRIs to relax you while your body adjusts to it. That might help to get through this. Ask your doctor.