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Well, I got it bilaterally (both sides). I mean, I guess it is better in some ways that I got it on both sides of my face rather than just the one. Except, I used to have a really great smile, and big flirty eyes. Now, I couldnt smile if I tried, I cant enuciate (i sound drunk when I talk) clearly, and I have permanent eye damage. I had to tape my eyes shut every night for about the first year, because they would only partially close and got all dried out. I look mean all the time.
I went to the regular doctor, and saw like 5 different docs in that office, and no one knew what it was. I had terrible stabbing pains behind my left ear and ended up in the ER only to have some bonehead doc give me a prescription for Xanax, as he said it was all in my head. I then went to a neurologist who said it was the worst case he had seen over 10 years. And almost 2 years later....it is still visible.

I keep having people tell me that they got it when they delivered, and I am really scared. My doc says that I may get it, but I think I will. I hope I wont though.

Anyway....thanks for the messages....

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