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Sorry to keep bombarding the board with so many questions this inner ear thing is just such a surreal experience. And I had another one I need help with... yesterday I went to a few stores and watched a movie at home most likely to much stimulation, during the movie I started to feel the horrible brain head pressure and thoughts that you want to be out of your body, my stomach was tight. A friend came over and we talked but I was watching myself hold it together, I felt so unbearable so I took .17 of Xanax and my vision started to like amplify???? But within the hour I felt so much better. Slept better as well. Today feel spacey and went for walk and the vision amplified happened again while I was starring at the tree. the colors got brighter and brighter it was like I was in the world of a flat screen TV. IS this because my vision has been so effected? is this compensation? I had a partial epley yesterday as well. Coud it be outer world viewing versus computer screen viewing. I am 99.9 & sure I took xanax and not some hallucinigenic :)

Anyone had this?? See psychiatrist tomorrow. May be more necessary then I thouht.

Jade :angel: