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So I went to a psychitatrist he gave me a choice between the lexapro and zoloft, I took the lexapro. I took one 2.5 (Normal dose for starting is 5 but as I am sensitive he had me take a lower dose). Had the worse anxiety, barely slept for almost 2 days. Felt like I was on speed, have not been able to eat either. Have not take another one. Took Xanax and did not even calm me down. Strange experience but somewhere in there it felt like it reduced some of my head anxiety and all went into my body. UGh

Also went to LA to my old apartment, felt so strange. The stoned feeling thing. Sat on the porch and could feel my whole body rocking back and fourth and the grass looked like it was moving and I thought, what a strange strange disorder this vestibular monster is.....free me free me:bouncing:

So now thinking about trying Zoloft? I realized that the anxiety with this is soooo great. Ugh But I don't know if I could go threw the speed thing again!

The Ventings of Jade :angel:
Hi Scott

Thanks so much or the info. I am going to hold of until after my trip and see how I feel. The depression has not been as bad, but the anxiety is still my challenge. I have the Xanax for now and the herbs, I will keep waht you said about the celexa in mind.

Interesting the different respons people have on the SSRI. My friend is on lexapro right now and having a tuff time. He is not dealing with inner ear but depression and emotional stuff. Has same complaint of not knowing what normal feels like as he went on when very depressed, not he is anxious and anyway my point is it all gets very confusing.

Thanks Again
Jade :angel: