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I have had constant dizziness for 6 months with varrying degrees, although almost always when standing or walking, and especially when there is alot of visual distractions. it is not vertigo, spinning dizziness, just a lightheaded, woozy, sometimes like i might faint, disorientation, and when i am standing still it feels like i am swaying or sinking in the ground. i have been to 2 ENT's and 2 neuros. I have had a blood test, MRI, sinus CT, ENG, and more. My ENG seemed to show no inner ear cause, but now when i went back to the doctor who did the ENG, he said maybe there is un underlying inner ear problem. has anyone had a ENG that showed no inner ear problem, but had one after all? or is my dr. just stumped? meclizine doesn't help either, but xanax helps a bit. thanks for any help.