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Thank you all for your thoughts and input. It is taken to heart. Very much to heart in fact. I am trying to hold a family together.
I just speak to him and he says I am talking rudely to him or trying to start a fight and all I do is talk normally. At least I think it is normally.
He snaps for no reason, or a little tiny thing.
He currently is on Lexapro and Xanax XR... apparently these are not the meds he needs because he is OUT OF CONTROL!
He stays in bed until around 1-2pm gets up yells and screams off and on until bed time.
I don't know what to do anymore. The psychiatrist can't see him until the end of January.... Can his psychologist call him and tell him the symptoms and maybe he wuold call a script in?? Something just to get through?

well.. here is the scoop and im totally lost in the shuffle

my husband was carted off to jail on december 26th in the evening for domestic abuse. He had not hit me or our daughter but his yelling and rage disturbed someone, although the police said the call came from here.

He then got out and went in on an emergency appointment to the psychiatrist on Monday and agreeed to commit himself and get help. He stayed 2 nights!!!! ugh...

they started him on depakote? so they added that to his xanax xr and his lexapro.... and kept him on his duragesic patch and vicodine.

due to the fact he is in probation he was locked back up thursday until tomorrow morning. His probation officer wants him to go back into the hospital and I agree that is what he needs. His psychologist said that he needs to be on an anti psychotic drug also... so i guess we will see-- she said she was going to call his psyciatrist. No one ever got back to me.

Anyways .... what do i expect next?
when will he get or feel stable?