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I notice after a few weeks of taking seroquel, it stopped working as well for me. I was only taking 25 to 50 mg/day, and the side effects weren't worth it (it slowed me down too much!).

I know its been a month, but I'd try it a little longer. Being on as many medicines for as long as I have, I know how complicated and frustrating it can be. Give it another week or two. Sometimes lows while on meds might just be lows our body would be having anyways (and without the meds, they'd probably be worse) - at least thats my opinion. There are also environmetal factors, like caffeine, etc. I'm on 80 mg Paxil along with Xanax (when needed) and Lamictal. I've been on the Paxil the longest... and there are times when I don't feel like its working. I've stuck it out, and I usually start feeling better.

Good luck!