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Geodon only worked for me in high doses but caused near paralyzing anxiety attacks that had me convinced that I was going to die if I fell asleep. Geodon at high doses (120+ mg) did sedate me. At my lower does of 80mg, sleep never came. I used to take it with xanax so I always had a real odd numbing out of my body feeling anyway. So my doc reduced my geodon dosage and switched be to klonopin from xanax but I continued to cycle a lot. About a month ago I was switched to seroquel and the difference was immediate. I slept beautifully (albeit for 10 hours or so, see my “seroquel resistance” thread for details). I stopped cycling (if I’ve cycled I haven’t noticed). So a seroquel switch might be good for you too. I have heard that seroquel causes weight gain, I have gained weight but I have also been eating very unhealthy despite the fact that I don’t have an appetite. I basically live on cookies, cakes, pies, fast food, etc. I should really try real food and see if there is a difference. . . .

But I gained no weight when on geodon.
List of meds Ive been on since age 14 or so...

Zoloft (at my own request)

Im currently on the last 3
I cycle often every day and i feel like the Zoloft makes my OCD more pronounced. My ADD has seemed to be helped, however my ODD runs rampant. Mind you, its a cleaning OCD or locking the doors kinda thing so atleast im clean and safe. However, 10 times later, yes, the door is still locked. lol i also use my own herbal remedy for a relaxer, dunno if that effects with my meds, but i informed the doctor before i began zoloft 100 geodon 120 and xanax xr2

however, all i want to come from all of these is some stability and the MOTIVATION to do well anything. my motivation has left to even get out of bed, but once im up im manic all day. or one bad phone call and im swinging down. very hard to deal with i just want to get it under control for my 5 year old who is beginning to notice. any help is appreciated. thanks for previous comments.

Also, anyone on geodon notice a decrease in effectiveness of other medications: sinus medicines, pain medicines, etc.