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I'm still fairly new to trying to handle my BP the right way and currently I can feel myself spinning out of control (part of it is panic...physically I'm shaking, short of breath, etc) with obsessive thoughts (over nearly everything...boyfriend issues, spots on carpet, blah blah). My Doc has told me that in instances where I feel as though I may have been triggered into an episode (either way) I have free reign to take an extra 500mgs of Depakote (I take 1750 currently) and yet I find myself unable to do that. WHY should I need it...I think? Can't I just get control of myself?

Those of you who take xanax along with a stabilizer...is it on an as-needed basis, or daily? How does it interact with your other scrips?

Thank you...
I’m not sure how to help here but I can say that I personally have a history with benzodiazepines (ie xanax, klonopin, etc) And I can say that they did miracles for bringing me down from panic, anxiety, and OCD attacks. My attacks were basically a mix of all three so I was pretty messed up (couldn’t hardly function with my need to pace quickly because if I sat down I thought my chair would hold be captive and I wouldn’t be able to break free). One thing to be careful about is the fact that these drugs in my experience are highly addictive. I’ve been cleared to take three klonopin a day and for awhile I did, one morning I was in a hurry and forgot it and the withdrawal slammed me down. I have since weened my self down to one klonopin a day only take extras as needed for aforementioned reasons. They worked great when I needed them but now I can’t get off them without unpleasant withdrawal. So keep your eyes open and be careful