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Can I find this pediatrician on the internet for the phone number? My son broke my heart yesterday. He's a Mommy's boy and he came in the post office with me yesterday. We were on line and he sat down on the runner and I asked if he was tired and he said yes. On looking back he did cank out on the spot quite often. I think this could be a reinfection because in the past he's had unexplained fevers, unexplained upset stomach that would cause him to vomit and the "growing pains for a couple years." These have been his recent symptoms. Now that he's stopped the amoxycillin he told me his lower back hurts. He's always been very smart (but he is just not as focused as his brother). Then he was out playing in the snow and my husband said he laid down in the snow and said, "I'm so tired."

They want to do the PICC line at the office and I am having then order in xanax for him. Right now he seems to like the attention, and he does really well with bloodwork, but I know he's going to get panicky when the time comes.