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Has anyone had this sensation? Today I am having some major physical symptoms that I don't really understand. I am hoping it is just anxiety but I am not sure.

I keep getting really hot
I feel like I am going to throw up
I feel dizzy
I feel like my lungs are fulling expanded so I can't breathe
I am shaking
and worst of all it feels like water is running down my calf on my right leg!

I am afraid to take a xanax right now - has anyone else felt like this? I feel this way right now. I really dont like the water sensation.

:( This is starting to make life hard.
Im not having those symptoms but Ive been in a constant state of high anxiety for over 3 days now. I was a habitual user of very high grade weed for over 2 years and quit cold turkey 10 days ago. I feel like Im In a constant panic attack. I know it it will get better eventually it has to.
I have ativan and xanax and have been popping them right and left but Im going to not take any more and not get it refilled because I dont want to be dependent on that.
We just have to be strong and realize that nothing can hurt us and all this will go away eventually. Just pray thats what I do. Im not a big religious person but put your trust in god. give your pain and worry over to him. He will take care of you if you trust him.
to saharia
I expect doc has given you xanax for your problems, so he thinks they are from anxiety
dont be afraid of the xanax its very helpful for relaxing your mind and body, cant do you any harm
try to relax as much as you can and take deep slow breaths, a long soak in a hot bath and some xanax will help a lot

to pez dee
weed is much more dangerous now, due to the increased amount of THC in it, do be careful as some weed smokers are eventually having severe mental problems from smoking it now, a type of schizophrenia that never happened before